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New Waycross update available!!! (09.07.18)
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"The team at Hyrail Simulations has put the fun back into train simulation! Each route is excellently crafted with detail oriented-realism that parallels the real world in a way that no other product does. Their community oriented approach gives added value to their routes; their incorporation of customer feedback is outstanding. HRS products are highly recommended!"

"Excellent quality products with impeccable customer service"

"Great route. Love running trains on it"

our inaugural route

csx "A"Line

Taft, Florida to South Georgia

Covering over 220 miles from The Taft, FL area through Orlando, Sanford, Jacksonville's terminal area, the "Folkston Funnel" at Folkston, GA, the operational possibilities are endless encompassing short and long hauls, Inter-modal, Unit Coal, Orange Juice Concentrate, Amtrak Standard passenger operations as well as the longest passenger train in the world, the Auto Train.

Set in the Early 2000's the route has accurate CSXT speed signaling, track work, and scenery.


Combined with the capabilities of Run8 Version 2 the opportunities are endless.

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Now Available            csx Waycross expansion

Rice Yard to points north

Covering approximately 80 miles in the Southeast part of Georgia, the CSX Waycross Expansion begins in 2 places at the current "A" Line limits.


First at Race Pond, GA on the Jesup sub the line travels to Waycross, and to Rice Yard

with its receiving yard feeding the 64 track Hump Classification bowl, at Waycross the routes fan out with the Thomasville Subdivision to the south, the Fitzgerald Subdivision to the northwest connecting to future expansions to Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA Via Manchester, GA, further the Jesup sub continues north to Jesup, GA which connects with the "A" line from Winokur, GA continuing up to the small but famous town of Ludowici, GA, the route also includes the worlds largest wood pulp processing facility at Doctortown just north of Jesup.

Jesup, Georgia

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Jesup, Georgia

in development

csx fitzgerald subdivision

Waycross, Georgia to Manchester, Georgia


Update 08/15/21 : Development still actively in progress we will keep you posted

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