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Customers who have Version 2 do not have to go through the conversion process, John has Updated the installers to make them V2 Capable, I apologize for any confusion this may have caused, saying that here are the new update instructions.


1. Install CSX A Line Main Installer (The ones you received at Purchase)

2. Download and install this : A Line V2 11-19-16 Update

3. Download and install this : A Line V2 08-08-17 Update (Waycross Compatibility)

3. Download and install This: A Line Signal Updater 120219, this will go into the "CSX A Line folder of your Run8 install, just extract and overwrite the files, and example location would be C:\Run8Studios\Run8 Train Simulator V2\Content\V2Routes\CSX_ALine

4.Install The Waycross Main installer (The one you recieved at Purchase)

5. Install the Waycross Update 09-07-18


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